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Assessment Only Route to QTS
for unqualified teachers

If you have worked as an unqualified teacher, you may be able to gain qualified teacher status (QTS) through an assessment only programme.

What is the assessment only route to QTS?

You can take the assessment only route to QTS if you already meet the standards for qualified teacher status, so do not need any further training.


This means you must already be teaching at either 'good' or 'outstanding' level.

You must also have taught at two separate schools.


What are the entry criteria?

You must fulfill the following entry requirements:

  • you must have at least two years' teaching experience

  • you must have taught in at least two different schools

  • you must have an honours degree

  • you must have GCSEs of grade C (level 4) or above in English and Maths, and also Science if you wish to qualify as a primary school teacher


What does the AO route look like?

You will undertake a series of assessments. This will include lesson observations, providing a portfolio of evidence to show you mee the teachers' standards and a professional discussion.

Depending on the individual the assessment period takes 6-12 weeks.

The fee for the assessment only route is £2500. Fees may be paid by you or your school at the start of the programme. If you are currently working in school, talk to your employer about funding options.

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Are teaching assistants eligbile?

If you have worked as a teaching assistant, it is unlikely you will have the experience required for the assessment only route.

There may be exceptional cases where teaching assistants have worked for a significant amount of time (at least 2 years) independently teaching classes and may be eligible.

What next?

Please email for further information and an expression of interest form.

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