Your Year with Yorkshire and Humber Teacher Training

In addition to the basic programme structure detailed below, you will be presented with educational training at the cutting edge of current practice.  We host guest speakers who are driving educational policy advancement and are strong advocates in the support of our trainees with a dedicated counsellor, well-being sessions and mental health training.


The Core Training Programme (CTP) delivered the nuts and bolts of teaching.  Experienced trainees from across the partnership and beyond deliver sessions tailored to your needs in the classroom.  You will know how to effectively assess pupils, manage behaviour, teach exciting and again lessons and much more.  All sessions are evaluated for impact and consistently score highly.  As the training is delivered by classroom practitioners, you can be sure it is relevant and current.



Subject tutors provide training highly adapted to teaching in your subject area.  It could be organising practicals in Science, effectively explaining division techniques in Mathematics, or misconceptions about the reformation in History.  Each subject tutor has a tailor made programme delivered in week blocks and via twilights to ensure that your subject knowledge s enhanced and applied in the classroom.



It will not be a surprise that as a School Centred Initial Teacher Training programme the vast majority of your time will be spent in schools on placement.  You will be guided across at least two contrasting placements by our expert mentors who will provide you with weekly targets to challenge your practice, and support to ensure that you develop rapidly as a teacher.  You will also have the opportunity to enrich your teaching with visits to alternative provision providers, post 16 colleges or adult education centres.



Weeks 1 - 3        Core Training
Week 4               Subject Training
Week 5               Core Training
Weeks 6 - 16      Placement A, Phase 1
Week 19             Core Training
Week 20             Subject Training
Week 21             Core Training
Weeks 22 - 28    Placement B
Weeks 29 - 42    Placement A, Phase 2
Week 43             Enrichment
Week 44            Core Training

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All our tuition fee courses leading to QTS also include a PGCE course from the University of Hull at no extra cost. 

Find out what the PGCE course is about here

If you are on a salaried/salaried apprenticeship route leading to QTS the PGCE is optional and there will be an additional cost to you/your school. For more info on why it is still a good idea to complete a PGCE please go to 

The credits you earn completing your PGCE can be used towards the completion of a Masters.