Your Year with Yorkshire and Humber Teacher Training

In addition to the basic programme structure detailed below, you will be presented with educational training at the cutting edge of current practice.  We host guest speakers who are driving educational policy advancement and are strong advocates in the support of our trainees with a dedicated counsellor, well-being sessions and mental health training.


Our trainees receive core teacher training via weekly training days which cover the nuts and bolts of teaching plus a week block of on the EYFS curriculum.  Sessions focus on areas such as assessment, behaviour management, special educational needs, legal responsibilities, inspiring teaching and many more.  These are all delivered by experts in their field, often practicing teachers, so you can be confident that the content is both up to date and real life!

Our EYFS primary specific training covers skills you will need focusing on the 7 different areas of learning and development of the EYFS (Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Physical Development, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World) plus additional sessions on the learning environment, characteristics of effective learning, teaching and assessing phonics, core and ancillary subject development.



We are determined to provide the best possible training available.  Therefore the core sessions are enhanced through the inclusion of specialist sessions covering topics such as Mental Health, the Prevent Agenda and guest lectures. Our programme also incorporates a PGCE delivered in conjunction with the University of Hull.

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It will not be a surprise that as a School Centred Initial Teacher Training programme the vast majority of your time will be spent in schools on placement.  You will be guided across at least two contrasting placements by our expert mentors who will provide you with weekly targets to challenge your practice, and support to ensure that you develop rapidly as a teacher.  

Following initial induction, you will spend weeks on placement at your base school in the EYFS.  Initially co-teaching with experienced practitioners, you will develop your skills and confidence to be taking about a 50% teaching load by Christmas. 


After the winter break you will be on your contrasting school placement teaching in key stage 1.  You are then back to you original placement after Easter working on your weekly targets with "your" classes.  As you are in school full time, you will feel like a member of staff!  We also include enhancement experiences in KS2 provision and in a nursery setting for 0-3 provision ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the progression of children's learning from Birth to the end of their Primary phase.


Weeks 1 - 2        Base School Placement

Week 3               EYFS Specific Core Training

Week 4 - 6          Base School Placement

Week 7               Enrichment Placement 0-3
Weeks 9-15        Base School Placement
Weeks 18 - 26    Contrasting Phase & School (KS1)
Weeks 27            KS2 Placement
Week 28 - 31      Contrasting Phase & School (KS1)
Week 34 - 43      Base School Placement
Week  44            Preparation for ECT Induction & Graduation

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